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posted Oct 14, 2012, 11:16 PM by 染谷臣道
 I think many of Japanese are tired. In this regard, I wolud like to ask you how do you think.
Some of the students who heard my lecture that was conducted at the University of Indonesia the other day asked me a question "why there are a lot of people who suffer from depression, bullying and suicide in Japan?." I replied that  one of the reasons was "that competition has become increasingly fierce contribute to". Again, I was asked for  "why the competition has become violently". I replied  due to capitalism that is driving modern civilization which covers all over the world now where many individuals, many companies and  many countries have been forced to participate in the competition increasingly. 
The civilization which is generally looked only from one side of it, that is, positive side, must be looked also from the negative side, that is, the dark side. For instance capitalist economy is evaluated positively.  Currently Indonesia is also  incorporated into such modern civilization rapidly. We can look the fenomennon  in the  increase of high-rise apartments and in passenger cars and bikes. Would not be surprising that a phenomenon is observed, such as those found in Japan so. In fact , IOn the other hand I've heard that "hikikomori" familiar in Japan also is  seen in Indonesia. Capitalist civilization also brings about such unfavorable affair.
However, there is no bullying and suicide and depression in Indonesia. Because religion is full of this country that penetrates deeply into daily life. Compared with Japan, it is a very big difference.
The Indonesian salariedmen/women  would not  be tired because they  can come home on time after the work to have a happy time with family and neighbors. They are quite different from the Japanese salariedmen/women who are busy with work until late at night and  tossed in a crowded train.
Why do Japanese  serve society (company)  victimizing themselves? I think that is why  Japanese get tired.
Japan just like the other industrialied countries followes the principle of efficiency and progress. Does Indonesia also follow the principle? I do not think so.  Because IIndonesian people have a firm  philosophy of human life that the Japanese  have not. How do you think ? I ask you because I feel the Japanese are not helpless.