I think many of Japanese are tired. In this regard, I wolud like to ask you how do you think.
One of the students who heard my lecture at the University of Indonesia that was Conducted the other day asked me a question "why are there a lot of people who suffer from depression, bullying and suicide in Japan?." I replied one of the Reasons was the competition was increasingly harsh". Again, I was asked "Why does the Competition become violently? ". I replied "Due to the modern civilization which covers all over the world is driven by capitalism". Indeed now many individuals, many, companies and many countries have been forced to participate in the competition increasingly.
Generally the Civilization Which is looked from one side of it, that is, from the positive side, must be looked from the negative Side also, that is, from the dark side. Generally the civilization is evaluated positively. For Instance such fenomenon as the increase of the high-rise apartments and the passenger cars and bikes are looked positively. Would not be surprising the civilization creates "hikikomori"? I 've heard that "hikikomori" familiar in Japan also is seen in Indonesia. The capitalist civilization also brings about such unfavorable affair.
However, there is no bullying and Suicide and depression in Indonesia. I think this is because the religion is full in this country. That penetrates deeply into daily life. Compared with Japan it is a very big difference.
The Indonesian Salariedmen / Women would not be tired because they can come home on time after the work to have a happy time with family and neighbors. This is quite different from Japanese salariedmen/women who are usually work until late at night and tossed in the crowded trains.
Why do the Japanese salariedmen/women serve society (company) by victimizing themselves? I think that is why they get tired.
Japan just like the other industrialized countries followes the principle of efficiency and progress. Does also Indonesia follow the principle? I do not think so because Indonesian people have a firm philosophy of Life based on the religions. How do you think? I ask you because I feel the Japanese are not helpless. (Someya, October 15)

We will introduce you to the following announcement of Mr. And Zhongshan Kamide that was presented at the 31st meeting of the study.

Kamide's announcement

World of the Future, at the same time must be Forwarded Protecting the natural population growth, and Food security. On the Other hand, the problem (Arising out of Such use of agricultural machinery, fertilizer staff, many Pesticides) and Soil degradation of large -Scale farming is in progress. Against Backdrop this, it is a pressing need to Explore the possibilities of urban Agriculture. Three trends in urban Agriculture Can be seen. In type "Allotment garden" One is there is a "comprehensive type Regional Development" and the Third "type high-tech farming equipment" anymore. Been Introduced In the Presentation They have while using the Photo.

 Question to the Possibility of urban Agriculture as questions and comments, use the underground equivalent Resources HAS Been Issued. In Addition, Also it is just Came back from Indonesia and sunlight streaming down, a vast Expanse of Land, Such as up and down every day from twenty-two ° C. to thirty-two ° C., Almost fallow Spread Around me, (I Felt a little uncomfortable as Those who Live in the Countryside in Shizuoka weeds) of Bobo. Isn What HAS strong urban Agriculture Agriculture in modern Civilization.

 The Announcement Last question, That, I Wonder if what is seen from the Evolution of organisms That Grow Among HAS Been Issued artificial environment. I believe if we Reviewed Evolution of reflux in the phase of the Scheme in what You think of "branches", I. It is Told in the "Food chain" in the Ordinary is the "Evolution" think of organisms as a grand cycle That Also includes Sat and Inorganic materials Such as water or AIR.

Zhongshan your announcement

Mr. Nakayama is undergraduate at Waseda University Study Past National University in Jakarta this year, just returned. Also Carried out field work in the heart of the Island of Java energetic, I have a lot of Achievements. This time it was reported That Also Sulfur , who committed to the Introduction of Java in Particular Shingaku. Has not Been completed yet running out of time, the words of the Indonesian People That was impressive ", Which is Also Progressive Retreat." I Wonder if it is not a strong message That the People Are Forced to reflect modern values ​​aggregated into "growth". I think he wants to Continue to Talk to Chance.

Were Exchanged over the Word "... even Retreat" questions and comments. It was faced with the argument That Leads to reflection of modern thinking just straight forward, the Development of Civilization reflux.


Published was in the "public document" a lecture at the University of Indonesia (Jakarta) one day and went to 3 Days National University, Jakarta, October 28th September. Indonesian Because it is, but I Can not read the many English want to read to the People of Indonesia, I've posted. The contents Are Announced as in Yesterday's News. (October 8, Someya Described) That Are welcome questions and comments.

makalah saya yang dibaca di UNAS pada tgl. 28 September dan di UI pada tgl 1dan 3 Oktober dimuatkan di koukai bunsho (documents published) di website ini. Dengan senang hati saya menerima pertanyaan dan koment.
At 'the d Ocuments Published 'Carried in this site I read my papers Which Were at Universitas Nasional (Unas) in Jakarta on September twenty-Eight and at Universitas Indonesia (UI) in Depok on October 1 and three. I am very glad to your Quesitions and coments.
Planned as, the Board of Civilization Research Perfusion 31st, Jissen Women's University at the calibration Hino 1:00 on Saturday afternoon, October 06, was Conducted in the laboratory of the Campus Inuzuka. Participants Were nine Kamide, Hoshino, Inuzuka, Ikeda, Tsuchiya , Irma, Kinoshita, Zhongshan, Someya.
First, the proposed reporting and Someya, there is a referral (Shingaku) ​​philosophy Java chapter of Kimi Qiao Zhongshan, enthusiastic until after 6 pm, "and (2) the potential for urban agriculture," the teacher followed by Kamide I was engaged in the Debate. Following we Will Introduce In the Recommendations of the report and Someya first. Later Send your Announcement Announcement of Mr.. Kamide and Zhongshan.

Of 31 as scheduled, the Board of Civilization Research reflux times, 10 Mon six Campus was held on Saturday afternoon from one o'clock Jissen Women's Hino. Introduce Because I'll Like there was a report from the Following Someya at the beginning.


Leave nine Mon 28 Days and ten Days and January three HAS Been Conducting a lecture at the University of Indonesia and the National University of Indonesia on the day. Below, I Will report on, Such as the contents of the lecture and the information obtained During your stay in Indonesia this time. In Addition, Also we inform That there was a proposal to the Board of Studies, Faculty of Humanities of the University of Indonesia Art from the length.

One. Indonesia reported

① surprised again to the Economic growth of Indonesia. FRO Mall. Jakarta City and Suburbs

 Increasing the outer housing construction. Units three million alone in Jakarta, a four-wheel motorcycle car

 That 6 million units.

 Jakarta subway construction (currently suspended) where progress.

 However, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

 Spread of corruption. Generosity to the Suharto family. Source 2-4 years it May be arrested. During Detention Punishment

 Offices Are at par with Hotel or possibly going out? Corruption Referred to as "aid" to Get a job.

 What is the brightness of the usual. Ease of involvement. Life Are OTHERS without thinking

 No. (In contrast Serious ethnic) and p.

② For lecture

- " Jepang: DARI Negara Negara Berlimpah KE yang Kekurangan rich countries or p: (

 To THESE poor) "(May twenty-eight, nine, Universitas Nasional (Unas) National University), about 100


 Japanese Meiji period, has been working fast and furious to modernize have various anxiety

 Introduces it. Pointed out That Are there many problems in the shadow of Material Prosperity. In Addition, the Civilization

 Forward at quite a pace of "humanity" will introduce the "folly" that such a war, poor animal

 That I Touched on Stupidity. The folly of human-oriented modern Luxury Plague Future generations Borobudo ~ u

 "Akuin'akka good result, good Cause (of Le Karmavibanggga) SHOULD be ashamed in the light of the Buddhist notion of "the

 I decided Ki.

- " Masyarakat Jepang Sedang Menghadapi Krisis Jiwa English Society (Directly to the heart of the crisis

 Faces "( ten January, public lecture Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia) to about seventy participants.

 Introduce bullying, suicide, such as the frequent occurrence of depression, why do the Japanese spirit of "weak", two

 Pointed out there That Are Contributing to the Rarity of Religion. Suggests It why. Exposed to Competition,

 Said the prospect of further worsening of the future.

- " orang yang Memilih Keselamantan Jepang (English Chose safety) "( ten March,

 Course "ambassador" Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia, about one hundred participants.

 Represented in a safety-oriented anti-nuclear consciousness represented in Japanese, such as "type debate poll"

 Introduced, accompanied "excessive" in industrialization, the pollution attacks, depression, bullying, and suicide

 Proposal to Introduce Harmony, with nature {"a NEW Civilization. There Are common to p and Indonesia

 pointed out that the Ru "culture" plays an important assignment about.

• The lecture received three questions from students about thirty People together. English students

 I found that deeply believes that the high level of interest and seriously.

 Such that the elements of civilization Religion acquiescence, a suicide, and develop a sense of inferiority that has a religious

 I say that the cormorant, what do you have as a means to stop the thought of suicide, a Japanese

 What's going on is discipline, why victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in spite of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

 I like a large number, Did not been Kuitome a.

 In particular, the social status of Japanese women and the poor treatment of Indonesians working in a Japanese fishing boat

 Dosa surprised again to sharp questions about, such as the low.

 Greater Certainty the validity of the concept of "Civilization". Comprehensive Immature thinking.

Cult Theory Theory p japan just until Now. English Theory says the back I heard for the first time. Sun Comprehensively

I was able to see the book.

Two. Request from the University of Indonesia

Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia Mr. Bambang U ~ ibawaruta length

Former ICU Research Fellow in Asia

Institute of English Studies ( CJP) Future Plans and Strategies, "Institute of Indonesia" is tied up with the NEW

Project proposal is to think.

Collaboration with the Society proposed. On the Basis of comprehensive thinking conscious "Civilization".

Study Group, the next room done in laboratory exercises Inuzuka Hino Jissen Women's University campus at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon, June 10.
The presenter, Mr.. Takashi Nakayama and Mr.. Kamide Chapter is . On the Other hand Another You, Chinese history, Recently Researchers have just returned from China Might join. Is under negotiation.
Mr. Kamide is the potential for urban Agriculture. It Will be the Last sequel. To Study in Indonesia That Are Undergoing a Remarkable Economic Development, the Other day, so You Zhongshan just returned, telling me where he saw.

In Addition, Will he be asked to report in relation to That End Also Shingaku Java, it HAS Continued to field work surprisingly Energetically. Civilization I RELATE a lot to the reflux.

By the way, I went to Jakarta by scheduled until Thursday, April 10 (Wed) 26 this Month. For a while, I Lost this Correspondence is, Because it is what we do not have a computer. If You need, Please Contact the following three people.

Japanese is fine because I can communicate in Japanese, we also Donoho mail.

I have a lecture title and "English Society is Facing a crisis" and "English Chose safety" in the National University and the University of Indonesia called? "Because of the Poverty." I Conducted in Indonesian. Since Change and nuance would speak in a different language, how far can you speak well, but there is also a difficult place, I will give it a try.

"The Japanese chose safety" is in relation to the movement of nuclear power that is more and more recently.

In "Japanese society is facing a crisis", that bullying has become a "chronic disease" of Japanese society today, suicide, and disease of the spirit civilization is causing exactly, Japanese (of "no religion") I have spoken the reality that Rescued by the Religion hence is not. Since the contrast is seen and outstanding Indonesian Society, You Can Indicate what They Are Kind of Reaction interested.

In order to have extremely high dependence of foreign food, and that it was poor in the sense in? "Because of the poor", for the sake of industrialization, that there is no mineral resources since the Meiji Japan was a rich originally very I 'll be talking about in the present perilous state.

Look as "role models" to p in general, Indonesians Are Seeing as if it Were heaven. p HAS Been talking about it, SHOULD not be a role model in any way. It goes without saying That You do not Become a model for the United States and European countries as well, of course. Speak of That thing called Civilization does not mean only good Things Never Bring, That it Will not Praise That purpose. Whether They Get to really understand That there is still a sense of Distance to the Word "Civilization", the result is a little Will I Study group report on October 6th. (September twenty-one, Someya Described)

In the study group (September 8th), the Japanese seems to have an affinity to the people of Indonesia the other day, there was a remark Japanese researchers say well, such as the Chinese do not.

In this regard, then, I Thought. Indeed, the English seem to feel an affinity for the Indonesian People in general. I have doubts it is a superficial familiarity, but Whether it would have really Rikaishia ~ tsu.

On this Issue, I must be seen from Various Points of View, I look at the example of one of Them. It is with Respect to Religion. English is "No Religion" in general, People Are Living in Indonesia in the Religion.

Most of Them Are Muslim. They have the idea of the Creator of heaven and Earth, as well as Christian. Notion Are the Creator, nature concept is built by the Creator, That man was made ​​well. Humans Can Also be Used in its natural, notion that there is a responsibility to act.

Probably not familiar to many English THESE Ideas. We would be even if there is a commonality to the notion must Take Care of Itself nature, That there is a significant difference in the Underlying.

However, do not have any faded Recently Come to Islamic-Christian notion Such, Certain Musurima I Said. I Will be saying the same English and Indonesian People only look at That point.

Maybe, on the Other hand, it's not there Chinese English Researchers say well, I have to Guess Whether it is not for the strength of Their self-assertion. English is Generally modest Compared to the Chinese do, I Avoid the self-assertion. So, I do not think of having an aversion to self-assertiveness of the Chinese and Japanese view from them.

Said he That the Chinese have Meaning, if You do not Assertiveness, in Chinese Society That is, not Live. Assertive behavior is probably the Ordinary. Like the English. Normally I think, I have Been both Furuma ~ tsu Naturally, Whether it is not to be a very abnormal when both face-to-face, it becomes unnatural.

In Respect That, in general, the Indonesian People in the same way as English, I Avoid the self-assertion. I put up the Opponent. Center partner, OTHERS is its Center. Whether I think the difference is it is not to Bring Some Against disgust Chinese Indonesians, especially Javanese in Indonesia That probably. Chinese People hate about fall of Javanese was Told. I think I have Also Acts Between the two historical course of course, and Cultural Differences That Affect greatly.

Not to mention make the Other OTHERS who is the party of the Development Center made ​​me Honorifics. Similar in this very English and Javanese Are Respect. (September 10, two thousand and twelve, Someya Described)

Civilization Research Report of the 30th reflux

Yesterday, the 2,012 year nine Mon 8 I was held in Seminar room of the International Center for English Studies, University corr at 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon. (In Titles OMITTED), Tsuchiya, Koseki, Hoshino, Kaneko, Inuzuka, Suzumura, Suetake , Sugimoto, attendees were Someya.

First, the relationship was Someya recent intermediate Jerky Days, Easily Between p and Korea, " think of the crisis Between the two countries, During the day "-" in order not to be Misled by the "Monster of Nation Easy Entitled problem I raised .

The GiST, it (the Movement That is inconsistent with two very Humanity "Clustering (Solidarity groups)" and Referred to as "mixed" configuration Vernon Convergence ( Convergence ,) and Convergence Daivu ~ AJE performance ( divergence May be Rephrased as repetition, of ) through dissipation) , and have grown That Live, speaking about this and p, the Other thing I pointed out the Convergence trend Con That Vernon is strong, there is a Risk That the Benefits and at the same time there.

 The importance of the Exchange, ie, it is Important for p Such words and the Exchange of objects and the Exchange of People and I Said well is to Recognize the importance of the Exchange. Here, Con Vernon Jens, Jens is Also on Vernon Die Teilhard de Chardin, for Exchange, Please refer to Levi-Strauss. If You have any questions, Please Contact U.S. then on the "Contact Us".

Makiko Tsuchiya () Leeward Ltd. () Is , "Mind and Culture Technique of English," the place Announced Entitled, we Discussed the role of "Technique" and "Heart of p" in the act of Geido Practice. " First, CONSIDER the origin of the State of Mind Geido in English Poetry, he Outlined brick, Noh, about the "heart" of the Tea ceremony. Mr.. Tsuchiya was Described as "Freewheeling Sex" the guests "heart" That Will Continue to Spread to Other areas one after another starting from the poem.

Where Teika Fujiwara, Yoshimoto Nijo, Shotetsu, Shinkei, Zeami, from light pearl talks have been introduced, was Ukagawa there, rather than placing the center of Japan, the "heart" of man, "It was centered on the idea of "nature. Mr.. Tsuchiya HAS Given the Comparison with Indonesian Culture, I was wondering if You think the "Java Shingaku" Among Indonesian Culture, Interesting Comparison Either is not Possible. OMITTED Are The details here.

If You Anyway, rather than centered on the "heart" You put your heart if "nature" (environment, OTHERS) to to be a English Culture, it is seen everywhere in English Culture. "About the great potential of language and Culture That HAS combined the "perspective of Insect" and "point of View" look at Indonesian and English "of God was distributed Yesterday That of" Comparative Research Civilization "(about it, 17 Issue, Civilization Comparative Reitaku University Culture Research Center, 2 012 years six Please discuss any U.S. so Shoran Month). Have Been Discussed there as well, a feature of English Culture is seen consistently ranging from Politicians to the common People of p. Such a feature is Also the advantage, of course, it is Also a Disadvantage . I have Strengths and weaknesses as well as the Other features of the language and Culture is Also out of the Western Languages ​​Such as English. I It is not Easy to Connect the two. However, I have Been an attempt to Connect the two, even now, since we will do from now on modern Japanese (Indonesian) and I should see an interesting phenomenon.

Discussions with a number of questions have Been made. Introduce You Can not all here, pointed out modern p ", is it not? Mind of being exploitation" That is priceless. Focus was directed to the Vices of industrial Civilization. On the Other hand , need to look to the Urbanization HAS Been pointed out, rather than industrial. This is an Important Issue. Do You need to Cut any more.

Also it is Important to point out the "heart" is not only the "spirit" Simply, not to have Sex That You Are the body. It is Overcoming the Dualism is the Foundation of modern Civilization. About this HAS Been Discussed Several times already , it is necessary to further discussions to share.

Mr. Ozeki (Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation) (), the "Renewable Energy and Civilization reflux" titled, raised the Issue of the Possibility of renewable energy, Geothermal power Primarily Generation in p. Convergence is not Visible in the Nuclear accident, p HAS Been STRONGLY Promoting the primary dependent, the direction of renewable energy, Geothermal power INCLUDING Began to be Explored in one fell swoop. Had Been made ​​in this regard p as "Underdeveloped countries" Completely, early Technology (the person) is good at Demonstrated the Ability to Rapidly HAS japan, Such as solar power business today. Technique does not seem to be too early in politics, However. At the End of August this year finally Geothermal power plan JOGMEC Amended law was, but trying to move Started Are , it was late and that plan Tohoku and Hokkaido celebrates the season of snow so in the future.

Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Estimated by the Ministry and was Featured on the amount Can be Introduced through the potential (solar, wind, Small Hydro, Geothermal, biomass, etc.) Of renewable energy. Furthermore ISEP Future Prediction by (Institute of Policy G-energy environment), the fixed system Purchase Price ( FIT HAS Been attempted), persistent area, town or village in Fukushima Prefecture Iwate Prefecture Kuzumaki Tenei (energy in my yard) EIMY Underneath Will be Introduced.

I must pay attention to the forecast predicted Further Results of Future Because Are there many unknown Elements. I think You need Further discussion with a Mix of experience in Developed regions Such as Yoropa.

The discussion SHOULD include the use of energy, modern p "Excess" is Conspicuous was pointed out. Believes That it Involves Fatally "Civilization" I "Excess" Things That, That once had only allowed Been hierarchical privilege "Excess" HAS Been Popularized by Now, I think it and of course I think of a device called "Civilization" Cell "Sinfulness". Would be "Condemned" any, WHEN it is expected Also That the situation "too late" already. It is "Condemned" to be Experienced by the human Race That is Conceited self-Proclaimed as "Homo sapiens" or is "the Lords of Creation." Mankind must Become more Humble. You need to learn to learn in a natural Companion Animals, as part of nature. Looking about , I'll look into "the Great" as well if You look at Our Animals and plants. (September 9, two thousand and twelve, Someya Described)


Mr. Riverside of members was published in a public document No. 17 and No. 16 of the "Education and Research comparative civilization" promoted.

Title and abstract of the Study Published in the Meeting (September eight) is as FOLLOWS:. The next time . It is very Interesting Also contents of this Announcement . I expect many of You to join U.S. In Addition, as already Announced, we Are Currently thinking about the issues Surrounding p, a little, Also want to raise the Issue from the point of View of Civilization "reflux". The venue is the Seminar room of the Center for English Studies, University Ichigaya International corr. I start at 1 : 00 pm.
Makiko Tsuchiya-san, Announced today, the title is "Consideration of reflux-Art equipment and Technology Culture of English Culture in Mind." Summary is as FOLLOWS.
 "Go to step (capacity practical), to their destination," knowing that "(the knowledge)," found that "from the stage of (understanding)," You can have the body "through the acquisition of basic, in Geido of Japan "I will continue the process of Hitodori would demonstrate" their own creativity.

 It can be said that with the aim of diverse values ​​to be realized in the "heart" or "skills", such as through a "space", "body", "words", Acts for training.

 When considered from the point of view of its training Geido traditional Japanese, with roots in the state of mind that poetry seems to have become more important.

 Through the keywords found in the Literature of the "Tea ceremony" "Noh" "Versification", I want to try the discussion about the reflux of English Culture. '

Mr. Takehiro Ozeki Mitsubishi Materials Techno (at Corporation, Following Presenters of the title, " Civilization is a renewable energy and reflux. "GiST is as FOLLOWS.

 " 2011 years 3 Mon 11 as the conversion of energy policy, Expanding the use of renewable energy is Demanded, for energy, for big energy policy on a global Scale occurred not only in p but Also on the day of the Great East Earthquake p. due to this disaster I have influence.

Strangely this 3 Mon eleven Bill of "feed-in Tariffs" in the morning of the day HAS Been approved by the Cabinet. Buyback fixed renewable energy program is Intended to require the Procurement to the Electric power Industry a period of time at a fixed Price That set the Government, the electricity generated by using renewable energy sources, Expanding the use of renewable energy as a measure global warming Are Against the Measures to Ensure the. This system is two thousand and twelve years seven Mon one was Launched on the day. This cost Purchase will be borne by the public.

Is among those recognized solar, wind and other non-fossil energy sources, as a source of renewable energy, and can be used on a permanent basis as a source of energy, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, solar, atmospheric heat that exist in nature of heat, it is such as biomass.

Purely from being a domestic energy Due to seasonal Environmental Fluctuations and low load times Due to less carbon dioxide Emissions, Such as Those found in wind and solar power is not stable, Geothermal energy, the energy of THESE I Also excellent security. Development of Geothermal energy is greatly affected by the policies of the Country, blank so FAR ten have Been Developed by the Stagnation is Said to be the year. So That the Vagus of the Measures taken by the State Will Continue until recent years. evaluation of Geothermal energy Up , Deregulation Can be obtained even in recent years Matters Were Factors in the Development of inhibition. Areas of Geothermal power plants Are applicable Upper Region of persistent energy zone. Are Underway. Future Development is expected to expand Geothermal energy, coupled with the NEW Measures.

Renewable energy is Considered to Play an Important role of Civilization Among the Recirculation system. Necessary It is Considered to be with the use of renewable energy is the energy Increased Saving, it is Important to Continue to function in Further THESE Systems is paired. Area persistent Food self-sufficiency in zone Consisting Areas and persistent energy is Intended to show the self-sufficiency in energy and Food, CONSIDER Also one of the Concepts Underlying the system Civilization reflux Future, energy conservation and the use of renewable energy, is Considered Important that the people of each, will promote thinking in their respective positions.

Persistent zone ​​: Chiba & laboratory Kurasaka NPO Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Corporation "(Diary February nine )

Still hot Days Are not connected but we Are , How Will it stay.
Rural Shizuoka Relatively cool, I do not Worry so much. I Will be just a little lonely. Perhaps Because of the AIR, I feel Like the Voice of Cicadas Became Smaller I. Because They Are Sensitive Are They as if already in the fall Kanjito ~ tsu Climate Change. Apologies to Those who I have Been struggling in the Heat, Midsummer Let me feel the power of Life for me. That decline is going I am lonely. Most is the nature of reflux. There is no Choice but to Accept (?) This fate surely fall comes, because winter is coming.
By the way, I will change some research for the next meeting.
Study Group (8th September), Will it be in relation to Mr. Absent. Kamide next presenter is Mr. overlaps with Other Society. Koseki-san and Tsuchiya. In a few Days I Will inform about the specific content of the Presentation.
I think with the Announcement of two People, Recently, a little bit would Like to discuss about the Territorial Dispute over the Senkaku Islands and Takeshima HAS Suddenly Become noisy. Maybe I would not have Thought the war would Happen, People Are Also Different in many many Ways the International Community and p 70 years ago. If Nothing else, there Are still Vividly experience seventy years ago, 67 years of experience. Bitter experience That HAS me suppress Our emotions. That Said, I do not just People's experience is FAR bitter That experience of the Great War, it was So WHEN Released to the contrary, is not FAR from bitter, pent-up frustration for People in China is, Because he is Perceived to reverse exactly award. Authoritarian imposition, but Will be Easy to stop Runaway if the Chinese Government (?) Good, They Will be Invaded, in contrast, it is not Also in Moderation. In the coverage of the demonstrations today Seems to be Spreading everywhere. Prejudice is not allowed.
Anyway, for China to deal peacefully, Against South Korea I feel a sense of discomfort in the English Government to act Tough. I think if the feeling of working in the Former and Latter Colonization, then it is Extremely Dangerous, and I Why. On the Other hand, I feel Another Suspicions, the English Government HAS a Breeze Deported Chinese activists. Nothing but, it is the Culture of "the point of View of Insect" That attitude is, as peacefully. Cultural perspective "of God" in the Government Responsible for the Future is not essential and I SHOULD Now in p. feeling as I Can not Help it is Slipping comfortably. It was two years ago, too. It is Dangerous. I'm not the same as 70 years ago. ( Diary, August 20)
We Essential Accessory.
Torrential rains common in recent years have Become. There was a heavy Rain Yesterday here and there. Advisory HAS Been Issued today. Why is.
Today is "Armistice Day." This place, the program over the war That HAS Been Aired. Show Last Night from the court-martial of the English army was cornered HAS Been Aired. In the Philippines, where it May soldier escaped Among the Situations Food is not paid after Another, the Soldiers Left the Corps seeking Food for ten Days in Such Circumstances HAS Been Sentenced to Imprisonment HAS Been Told firing squad. It HAS Been Described Leaving in the Corps about the death penalty is to Unfairly Forced labor, and Lacked the legal Commander for Calm in the Chaos. Bereaved His family was from a Small Island in the Seto Inland Sea and is Forced to Emigrate was made ​​to all Other Land. It is painful.
Anyway, what caused the Great War why like that, why did we continue to catastrophe of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but you probably have start fighting with the intention of the battle short, stop it, regardless of the war situation has also become a disadvantage I did not, blown away even "Civilization" and Last Cry, and so suicidal Such thing as Total. p boasts the "Civilization" as one of the Big Five Country That once the Allies. I think it was a mere decoration but words. A Shame. The Government and the People running the emotions, Rationally Can not act. The danger That I Will not Change Now. This is a problem not only in p, of course, it is a problem of the entire human Race. It Will Humanity thing is that, there's more, like a child, in the developing world.
By the way, the next Meeting of the Research Carried out at room corr University International Center for English Studies Seminar at 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon, September 08. Announcement about the reflux is seen in p's Traditional Performing Arts and Makiko Tsuchiya, potential of renewable energy, Geothermal potential of urban Agriculture INCLUDING Kamide's (Continued), Koseki's. Be informed at a later Date for more information. (Note Someya, August fifteen)  
We summer greeting
This place, but the heat wave has continued all over the country, I'd spend that care.
By the way, about a Week at the End of July, (Someya) was woven (Mitaka, Tokyo), I have received the welcome of the cicada in Shizuoka I Came back for the first time in a long time. Nearby is a forest Anyway Chorus of Cicadas in the morning. In the summer, the summer is not it must be. And not a English summer, my best, listen to Their Chorus, I'm Lost in Emotion. By the way, does not have the semi -tropical Indonesia. Valuable It is specific in Creature temperate summer.
Unfortunately, I Could not Hear the Voice of the cicada in Tokyo. In the Outskirts of Tokyo, Mitaka is a Around town there is a field, I did not Hear the Voice of the cicada. I was not even a dragonfly. I did not have any butterflies. Some do not even mosquitoes fly. I did not See the figure of a sparrow. Also I Swallow.
However, there is no longer ABLE to See the appearance of Sparrows and Swallows in Shizuoka. I Felt Like I met Classmate nostalgic and occasionally See a flock of Sparrows.
Fifty years ago, 60 years ago I Can Remember Vividly still in Tokyo. Also I had a lot of dragonfly still butterfly. There was Also the forest field. It is my Original landscape.
I have a question Now That the Children of Tokyo Wonder what They have the Original landscape. It is not even in Sparrows Chirm Their eyes, it is probably not even the Original landscape That Swallow a low Altitude fly away. I Will not be ABLE to imagine "Swallow Express" also "Oyado sparrow."
Recently, I heard of Facebook from my Former students have a part-time short-term job in Australia. Said That She Came with a lot of Wild Animals Live in, in the house of the City. I Can not Imagine in p.
You Will be Difficult to Live in a Civilization That was wiped nature. I think People Are not funny, even if abnormal Increases. (Note Someya)
Here Are a few we was thinking to my e-mail Own That HAS Been sent from the National University of San Uchu (Universitas Nasional) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mr.. Uchu (UCU Fadhillah) is the young who Researchers Are Currently Teaching English language and Culture who have ever Studied in p. E-mail from her Indonesian Because it is, here, I'll sum up the fact Introduce Said That She is. It is as FOLLOWS.
That you are obsessed with the notion of "progress", that Indonesia Hyundai has become materialistic increasingly, she is a Japanese thing to take care of nature yet, but balanced terms in comparison with that, I say it is because we have faith that God Dwells Among nature. I Said I Felt, not seen That People (Which is a Testament to the happiness) smile even on the Train, on the Other hand, even while walking the Streets of p.

Mr. Uchu U.S. Gave pointed out the nature-oriented modern English. Also I pointed out to me at the same time science and Technology-oriented. English Will be pointed out to me That You Are Facing the Other in two Live in Separate words. Will I be looking at the Everyday Life of the English say, alive and science and Technology-oriented. Closely If You look at the English way of Life well, Can have its Underlying nature-oriented, but I know That They Live with it. I am alive in the Culture of the language I spoke in front "View of the Insect." Who pointed out That the English View of nature is supposed to think of Basic English Daily "So the point of View of Insects", to be aware of it does not look Like Mr.. (Uchu That is God Dwells Naturally is Directly Below, Indonesians Also Such a View of nature is it is. and I SHOULD Like to Hear your Thoughts That I think so Mr.. Uchu). WHEN Like You 're Soaking in hot Springs, the notice, it is WHEN the cherry Blossoms. HAS Become a Nature-oriented non-routine, day-to-day and it HAS Been drowned out. English Because Life Now is too busy. Related to science and technology-oriented as well.

If you read the e-mail's Uchu, it seems like more and more Japanese people now Indonesia.

If Everyday Life-oriented science and Technology, there is a problem somewhere. I find a lot to look. It is one of Them Nuclear accident. Very much to build a Nuclear power plant is in p "SuperPower" disaster (think How would You use the Word it is strange. Like "SuperPower" Why the Word. Whether Expression of the Complex That comes out of a Technology-oriented science, too) You must not be Carefully SHOULD Tsukura, prudence That I was missing. I think I Could of course at the root of the English Mind, Because there is a Culture of "point of View of an Insect." Such Fukushima Nuclear accident I think one example. This accident I not Happened Meltdown Due to loss of power in all, why HAS LED to the Worst That the loss of power, all That Due to the fact That the prudence to the primary parties TEPCO was missing and Investigate the Cause of the Became clear. In a Nutshell, That there is only really poor. Amazed. They had forgotten the Fear of Nuclear power thing. Because I have Been Absolutely reliable science and Technology. Nothing more than it's Overconfidence. It is a mental attitude That is not allowed to Experts. Unfortunately, it is not got That it Will Lead to the Worst Nuclear accident in history, damage to tens of Several Thousand one hundred Around That still Residents Bear the Incalculable loss TEPCO Itself. English do not Wear (Coming out of the language and Culture of the "perspective of God" They Are) View of Objectivity and perspective Analysis, from Taishokosho still, the View for the Future. It Necessary to build a Nuclear power plant was at least People.

Now, "bullying" in p HAS Become a big problem. I committed Suicide Sophomore junior high School Children in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture have to bother with bullying. Did not Matter to the board of the Schools of Education this Incident. So I've Been hiding. It Will Become clear, the problem of bullying, and the School of Education board issues have Been Widely reported.

Why there is bullying? I believe in order to forget the nature-oriented modern English, Turn one's attention to science and Technology too. School Education in p today is "pollution" in science and Technology-oriented, nature-oriented have Been pushed aside . I think if there is no longer caring nature Bullied Mind.

Mr. Uchu That HAS pointed out the modern English do not smile. That is right. smile Old English was full of back and Forth if You Are more relaxed. It is in order to Calm the Interpersonal relationship. The English Lost Before I Knew it it. Mr. Because I say That. Uchu Dominate machinery, Pointing out That certainly correct, in p Are there Because there is no need to Vending MACHINES everywhere have a conversation. Also feel uncomfortable for a Vending machine full of p (until sometimes personal Stories ) Indonesia to Talk and Shop to buy anything it is common, is the most. It would be the result of science and Technology-oriented flood of Vending MACHINES.

Is over, there is a place where anything confusing please contact the "Contact Us".

Word, I'll make up for and why we discussed the "possibility of" urban agriculture "" and "politics of crisis management and accountability" in the study group yesterday.
"Information" hold Those in power have a lot of the best. On the Other hand, under the Rulers Are Forced to Live in a way only the information That Will That Those in power flow. Rulers Rulers Are afraid That subject many know. What is important is that it is under our rulers to get a lot of information, it is good judgment is required recirculation of "information" in that order.
Fortunately, with the Development of Technology, Now People Around the World Are ABLE to Take advantage of SNS. Media is a Commercial Company to select the "information" for the sake of profit, since the operation, Increasing the value of SNS.
However, Because it is Exposed to Intense Media Competition, Because it is compelled to Live in the reflux That is, as much as Possible the fact That the audience would want, I Will not be Forced to tell You exactly. Would be the result of competition is not a profit-making enterprise even NHK, also are no longer forced to coverage of nuclear power movement.
I must be wary because it is a profit-making enterprise SNS as well of course.
It is a Civilization and affinity with the "natural" flow Civilization ring. It is a Civilization to Focus on Agriculture. Promote Industrialization in the name of Civilization from one hundred and forty years ago, p HAS Been put aside Agriculture. It is Also Important and industrial science and Technology, I am a friendly spirit and Culture is Also Important to "nature". I do not put aside Agriculture. Such a Civilization is biased. Because it would Disproportionately guys, I do not notice That Are we biased. Bias is well known Those who put to Take Care of Themselves in Other Cultures to my heart. Culture to Take Care of the Mind Often Will it not be of interest to People Are Told in Developed countries so in the words of Scorn Such as "developing countries". I Will not be eligible to learn Other words. It is unfortunate)
That SHOULD be aware until the English Civilization Now HAS Been biased. Due to the Disproportionate emphasis on science and Technology, Education and Mathematics Education Overemphasis biased, nurture the Mind HAS Been put to the Side. This Distortion, I Think'm not Causing Serious problems, Such as Truancy and modern p (violence) (Remember the "Other self-equivalence" of Buddhism) Are Facing bullying not Care about OTHERS. Civilization to Take Care of Agriculture to Civilization SHOULD not Help but if You want to Take Care of Inevitably the Mind. In fact, in the Depths of English Civilization mental affinity with the "natural" is sleeping. "Civilization Recirculation" You SHOULD be ABLE to build it Evokes Easily.
I think many of Japanese are tired. In this regard, I wolud like to ask you how do you think.
One of the students who heard my lecture that was conducted at the University of Indonesia the other day asked me a question "why there are a lot of people who suffer from depression, bullying and suicide in Japan?." I replied that one of the reasons was "that competition has become increasingly fierce contribute to". Again, I was asked for "why the competition has become violently". I replied due to capitalism that is driving modern civilization which covers all over the world now where many individuals, many companies and many countries have been forced to participate in the competition increasingly.
The civilization which is generally looked only from one side of it, that is, positive side, must be looked also from the negative side, that is, the dark side. For instance capitalist economy is evaluated positively. Currently Indonesia is also incorporated into such modern civilization rapidly. We can look the fenomennon in the increase of high-rise apartments and in passenger cars and bikes. Would not be surprising that a phenomenon is observed, such as those found in Japan so. In fact , On the other hand I've heard that "hikikomori" familiar in Japan also is seen in Indonesia. Capitalist civilization also brings about such unfavorable affair.
However, there is no bullying and suicide and depression in Indonesia. Because religion is full of this country that penetrates deeply into daily life. Compared with Japan, it is a very big difference.
The Indonesian salariedmen/women would not be tired because they can come home on time after the work to have a happy time with family and neighbors. They are quite different from the Japanese salariedmen/women who are busy with work until late at night and tossed in a crowded train.
Why do Japanese serve society (company) victimizing themselves? I think that is why Japanese get tired.
Japan just like the other industrialied countries followes the principle of efficiency and progress. Does Indonesia also follow the principle? I do not think so. Because IIndonesian people have a firm philosophy of human life that the Japanese have not. How do you think ? I ask you because I feel the Japanese are not helpless. (Someya,October 17)

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 I think many of Japanese are tired. In this regard, I wolud like to ask you how do you think.
Some of the students who heard my lecture that was conducted at the University of Indonesia the other day asked me a question "why there are a lot of people who suffer from depression, bullying and suicide in Japan?." I replied that  one of the reasons was "that competition has become increasingly fierce contribute to". Again, I was asked for  "why the competition has become violently". I replied  due to capitalism that is driving modern civilization which covers all over the world now where many individuals, many companies and  many countries have been forced to participate in the competition increasingly. 
The civilization which is generally looked only from one side of it, that is, positive side, must be looked also from the negative side, that is, the dark side. For instance capitalist economy is evaluated positively.  Currently Indonesia is also  incorporated into such modern civilization rapidly. We can look the fenomennon  in the  increase of high-rise apartments and in passenger cars and bikes. Would not be surprising that a phenomenon is observed, such as those found in Japan so. In fact , IOn the other hand I've heard that "hikikomori" familiar in Japan also is  seen in Indonesia. Capitalist civilization also brings about such unfavorable affair.
However, there is no bullying and suicide and depression in Indonesia. Because religion is full of this country that penetrates deeply into daily life. Compared with Japan, it is a very big difference.
The Indonesian salariedmen/women  would not  be tired because they  can come home on time after the work to have a happy time with family and neighbors. They are quite different from the Japanese salariedmen/women who are busy with work until late at night and  tossed in a crowded train.
Why do Japanese  serve society (company)  victimizing themselves? I think that is why  Japanese get tired.
Japan just like the other industrialied countries followes the principle of efficiency and progress. Does Indonesia also follow the principle? I do not think so.  Because IIndonesian people have a firm  philosophy of human life that the Japanese  have not. How do you think ? I ask you because I feel the Japanese are not helpless.


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The 25 th meeting will be held on March 24 at Jissen Women's University located near Hino Station. Mr. Kamide and  Mr. Hoshino will discuss the new stage of technoscience and the Western history of philosophy. I will report the 2nd meeting of the Asean Japan Society for the Study of Societies and Cultures held at National Universty and University of Indonesia, Jakarta on February 24 and 28, 2012. (Someya).

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