Workshop for the study of the Future Circulative Civilization after the Contemporary Exploitative Civilization

The modern civilization which was born in Europe several centuries ago developed and now spreads over the whole world. This civilization developed in a quite characteristic way. First the size is very large. Secondly this civilization achieved wonderful results in the area of science and technology which contributed to the development of the industrialized countries in the way of victimizing the less developed countries. This means that the development of the former was achieved on the sacrifice of the latter. The development of the modern civilization was accomplished on the deprivation of human energy and exploitation of natural energy by the formers technological and militaristic power. The deprivation and the exploitation were very harsh.


The modern civilization has the light as well as the shadowy side like all civilizations of the past. So when we talk about the civilization, we must be careful not to overlook the shadowy side of the civilization as we are apt to look at the light side only. The civilization was very sinful because it never existed without exploitation of human and natural energy. We must look at both sides of civilizations, especially when we see the modern civilization which brings us lot of brilliant benefit. The civilization essentially had the so called original sin. We must not forget that the modern civilization was established on the sacrifice of the Asian, African and American people and land. The sin of civilization is more and more serious now as it exploits the oppressed people and land of the developing countries. We must atone for our sin to the people and nature that were damaged by the harsh civilization.


As the modern civilization exceedingly exploited lot of human and natural energy, it is quite natural it damaged the people and nature. Now we must construct the new civilization that uses less energy and brings back the people and land the wealth. We call it the circulative civilization. It follows the natural law of circulation or rotation. We request the rich to bring back their wealth they earn to the poor of the world and the people not to construct the power stations of fossil fuels which exhaust co2 as well as the nuclear power plants which emit harmful radiation and radioactive waste. We assert to construct the new civilization which takes care of the nature: animals including humans and natural environment of the world.